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    Teacher Cheri is:

    knowledgeable, energetic, cheerful, patient

    "I help students become more confident in their English speaking ability through structured and fun lessons. I also help students achieve success so that they enjoy speaking English and use it in their everyday lives!" Teacher Cheri


    - College Degree in Education (B.S.M.Sec.Ed.)

    - 30+ years teaching experience with children and adults

    - Former VIPKid 5 STAR teacher - taught 3000+ classes

    - Advanced TESOL 120 hours Accredited Certification

    - 4 years teaching English online (ESL)


    5 Star Teacher formerly with VIPKid for 4 years

    Purple, age 8

    "Teacher Cheri makes good use of props, does error correction, and emphasizes pronunciation. It was very lucky to meet Teacher Cheri, a nice and patient teacher! Purple can not wait to see you again!"

    Lucy, age 13

    "Teacher Cheri uses student encouragement, scaffolding, extension, conversational practice and is very energetic!"

    Cynthia, age 11

    "A new stage of study begins, and my daughter likes it as always! Teacher Cheri encourages them actively.  It's very good!  My daughter likes Teacher Cheri very much.  She is humorous and patient."

    xiaoxi, age 10

    "Thank you very much.  Thank you very much for your help!"

    Ray, age 10

    "Teacher Cheri uses student encouragement, error correction, emphasizes pronunciation, extends the lesson and uses scaffolding. From Ray - "I like learning English from you. I think you are a great teacher! I am excited for our next class together."


    Educational, Interactive & Fun!

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    I use a variety of curricula in teaching, depending on the needs of my students:


    Wonders Skills

    Crystal Clear

    Reading A-Z


    ESL Pals

    Abridge Academy


    Classes are 40 minutes.  

    Bonus class on student's birthday week!

    Bonus class for referring new students!

    Bonus class for signing new package!

    Discount for siblings taking individual classes!

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    Basic Package

    15-Lesson Package

    $600 USD*

    $40 USD per 40 minute class

    *plus transaction fees

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    Best Buy!

    30-Lesson Package

    $1050 USD*

    $35 USD per 40 minute class

    *plus transaction fee


    Let's talk about how to get started! I would love to give your child a trial class.

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